About GetHuman

GetHuman Inc is the company that runs the gethuman.com website and apps. Though it didn't become a company until 2013, the website was founded in 2006 by Paul English, the entrepreneur who also co-founded KAYAK.com, the travel search company (and many other ventures). You can read all about that on our history page.

Since 2006, the gethuman.com website has catalogued major companies and how to contact their customer service departments. It started as a database of phone numbers with the sequence of numbers one would press to get through the phone menu to get to an actual human being. Over time, we have added reviews, guides on how to solve common customer service issues, and even a robot that will wait on hold for you.

Over the years, we have helped 100s of millions of consumers resolve their customer service problems and get in touch with hard-to-reach companies with our free tools and information.

The Team

GetHuman was founded in the mid-2000s by Paul English. With the help of a small team, he was able to build the website up well beyond one million visitors and to host information about hundreds of companies.

Today, GetHuman is run by Jeff Whelpley, Adam Goldkamp and Christian Allen. Together they lead a team of designers, writers, editors, researchers, software developers, and technology infrastructure specialists. You can read all about this on our team page.

GetHuman in the News

GetHuman first received news coverage in 2005, when it was still called the IVR Cheat Sheet. Most of the early press was around Paul English's fight to improve the customer service phone experience, like this Feb 2006 article in the New York Times about GetHuman.com. It received a lot more press when Microsoft and Nuance joined GetHuman in trying to establish a better standard for customer service phone calls and call centers.

To see some of the latest articles on GetHuman, head over to our press page. The complete list is a bit too long, but there you will find some of the latest writings.